Noah Emhurt’s work is a culmination of his life and surroundings. He pulls from the culture of living in major cities from Tokyo to New York to Los angeles and now Pittsburgh, where he currently resides. 

Having earned a degree in fine art, he utilizes that with his spirit as a young, rebellious youth who constantly painted on his bedroom walls and spray painted images on the streets of his hometown. His bold imagery juxtaposed by a somewhat “chaotic” painting style reflects this. As far as subject matter, everything seems to be fair game.

Aside from showing his work in several galleries, Noah’s work can also be seen in an array of films and television shows. 




Vestige Gallery, Pittsburgh 2021 “New Appalachia Mixed Exhibition”

Christine Frechard Gallery, Pittsburgh 2020 “Running Amuck”

Galley One Collective Works, Pittsburgh 2019 “Everybody Wants Pretty”

The Inn Gallery, LA 2016 “Attendance Required”

Gabba Gallery, LA 2016 "The Doheny Challenge"

E Gallery, LA 2012 "All Out of Roses"



Jesse Best Gallery, Pittsburgh 2018 “Collective 23”

Co-Lab Gallery, LA 2016 “Hey Man”

ETA, LA 2016 “The Bright Spot”

Co-Lab Gallery, LA 2015 "Launchshow"

Gabba Gallery, LA 2014 "Face It"

Gabba Gallery, LA 2014 "Motif"

Co-Lab gallery, LA 2013

Gabba Gallery, LA 2013 "Corresponding Measures"

Gabba Gallery, LA  2013 "Wabba at the Gabba"

The Hive Gallery, LA 2013

Gabba Gallery, LA 2013 "Wood Metal Screw"

Co-Lab, LA 2012 Gallery Opening

Renegade, Palm Springs 2012

Savage Gallery, Palm Springs 2012

Lurie Gallery, Beverly Hills 2012

Art walk, Downtown LA  2011

Sotheby's, Palm Springs 2011

Renegade, Palm Springs 2010



Art All Night 2020, 2021



Lionel Renard Salon, Los Angeles


Documentary (short film)

YouTube / Vimeo search Noah Emhurt

Filmed by Siren Studios: Todd Stefani and Matt Melander


TV / Film (partial list)

Why Him?

Pee Wee's Big Holiday

Ray Donovan

Brooklyn Nine Nine


Grace and Frankie

New Girl

Grey’s Anatomy

American Horror Story


Charity Events

Casa of Los Angeles, LA 2017 3rd Annual Wine + Art

Project Angel Food, LA 2013  “Get Art”


Articles, “Connect with Gabba Gallery" by Genie Davis


Interview, “How to Be Comfortable in Your Own Shoes” by Lauren Liebowitz



Bowling Green State University 

Bachelors of Fine Art